Paris, the Home of International Arbitration...

The name chosen by the lead co-organising entity, Paris, the Home of International Arbitration, says it all.

Paris has traditionally been and remains one of the preferred seats of international arbitration proceedings by parties, arbitrators and counsels alike. This is also evidenced by the large community of international arbitration practitioners based in Paris. This success has naturally been closely linked to the presence of another co-organiser of PAW, the International Chamber of Commerce, in Paris.

Finally, the historical and ongoing rich academic debate on various issues of international law and international arbitration in Paris of which the third and final co-organiser of PAW, Comité Français de l’Arbitrage, is an active participant and representative, continues to contribute to the popularity of Paris.

We do not mention naturally the beauty of Paris nor the exceptional dining and entertainment options to invite all to join us in attending the first edition of the Paris Arbitration Week.


About Paris Arbitration


Throughout the week, several events have been organised by different organisers. Some events are open the public through free or paying registration and others are private events. All the relevant information is specified below and links to the relevant websites or email addresses will enable you to register and pay if needed. Any changes to the events will be immediately reflected in the calendar below.

Have a lovely week!

  • 10:00 > 17:15


    2nd ICC Conference on International Arbitration



  • 19:00 > 22:00


    Paris Arbitration Week Opening Cocktail


    ICC, CFA, AFA, Paris, Place d'Arbitrage

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